Happy National and Liberation Day ðŸ‡°ðŸ‡¼

Finally A Long Weekend…

After what’s felt like the most tiring 2 months of my life, I finally got 4 days off work for National and Liberation Day. Some of you may not know much about these two days, I didn’t until recently… On February 25th of every year, Kuwait celebrates National Day. In 1899, Sheikh Mubarak agreed that Kuwait would become a British Protectorate meaning Britain would provide naval protection in return for controlling Kuwaits foreign affairs. On June 19th 1961, Kuwait became independent but didn’t actually celebrate National Day until 1962. The date for celebrations changed due to the extreme heat in June, making February 25th the official National Day.

February 26th is Liberation Day, which marks the day when Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation in 1991. On August 2nd 1990, around 100,000 Iraqi soldiers along with 700 tanks invaded Kuwait. This was a result of a dispute over the oil field between the borders of the two countries. The Kuwaiti government was replaced by an Iraqi governor on August 8th, and by January 17th 1991, the United States joined forces with Kuwait and began their attack on Iraq, which was known as Operation Desert Storm. This lasted 4 days and the Iraqis eventually left Kuwait on February 26th 1991.

Kuwait clearly have a lot to celebrate, and I was lucky enough to join in this year. These two days of celebrating had everything you could possibly think of, from music and food, to dancing with swords and even a huge water fight along Gulf Road. It felt surreal seeing everyone throwing water balloons at cars and drenching each other with water guns!

The atmosphere was amazing, and it was so great to see everyone happy and having fun together. My favourite part of the weekend was that you didn’t have to be a Kuwaiti to celebrate National and Liberation Day, it was a time for everyone to celebrate together. I’m really grateful to have experienced National and Liberation Day here. I’ve been exposed to so much culture and learnt a lot about the countries history.

Until next time,

Tinashe x