Chapter 21

“As One Chapter Closes, Another One Opens”

After 6 and a half months away from home, I finally reunited with my family and friends to celebrate my 21st birthday. I went back to the UK for 2 weeks and although I loved every minute of it, it was one hell of a holiday.

I think I only actually got one or two days to properly relax, every other day was packed with different agendas, from birthday parties to meals with friends, road trips to just driving back and fourth, seeing as many people as I could in the limited time I had. Anyways, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, even though it was very tiring, it was so worth it!

My parents went through so much effort to throw me the perfect birthday party, and it really was the best I’ve ever had. It was a cocktail party but also had a mini festival vibe to it. All my nearest and dearest came, and of course some arrived before I was even ready… (blame it on BMT). Anyways, the music was great, Dad got his old DJ booth out so the speakers were booming and we even had a little go on the Mic, he put strobe lights on and mum got in a couple of her girls to cater (thank god). Honestly I couldn’t thank my parents enough for making the day so special for me.

My birthday was amazing, and I feel so blessed to have such fabulous people in my life. 21 years on this earth and I cannot wait to see what the future years have to offer.

Until next time,

Tinashe x