“Never Stop Exploring”


Eid al-Adha ’18

If you read my last post about Eid al-Fitr, my Brother and I went to Dubai for the holiday. Well, this time my Auntie came to visit me in Kuwait for the second Eid holiday. I didn’t get to see her when I went home in July so it was nice for her to come over to this side of the world! Of course since she came to visit me I took her around the city, showed her some of the tourist attractions, and obviously we went nuts on the photoshoots!

The first night was actually very stressful, as she arrived early hours of the morning, her flight landed 2 hours ago and there was still no sign of her. Kuwait airport is literally 15 minutes away from me so I started thinking of the worst outcomes. I had no point of contact with her, and basically had to just stay up all night, wait and hope she’d turn up alive! So, she finally got in at 4am, the taxi driver couldn’t find where I lived, which is a common thing with taxis around here… Anyways, our days consisted of eating a lot food, exploring some nice areas like Mubarakiya, Shaheed Park and the Marina, and lounging around the pool side for a bit of relaxation. Prepare yourselves for the photoshoot…









Until next time,

Tee X

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