H&M Store Opening

“The Largest Store In The World”

Like any job, working for H&M has its perks and in this case, I was able to attend the new store opening at The Avenues Mall in Kuwait. It was pretty cool to see the opening from “the other side” and actually experience what it’s like for a big brand like H&M to open a new store.

There were staff running around getting the last bits in order, employees from the head office in Sweden visited to check things out, and make sure everything was running smoothly, we had photographers clicking away in the background, waiters walking around with canapés and drinks, and a DJ blasting out music. Outside the store were more photographers, a red carpet and a queue of customers waiting eagerly to enter and explore the new store.

Now I definitely did not prepare myself for the opening, I woke up super late, only had 10 minutes to get ready and didn’t have time to put any make up on or do my hair! So yeah, basically I attended looking like a zombie who hadn’t slept in over a week, standing next to all the stunning ladies who actually made an effort and looked alive and cute. But you win some, you lose some I guess…

Anyways let’s move on swiftly, the world’s biggest H&M store is officially open!

Props to everyone who worked hard to get this store ready and looking as amazing as it is!

Until next time,

Tinashe x