Dampa Feast

“For The Love Of Cod!”

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a food review! So this week I visited Dampa Feast which is an Asian seafood restaurant in Kuwait, and I actually love this place. It’s so different to standard restaurants, the atmosphere feels like you’re eating street food in the middle of the seafood hotspot in the Philippines and the quality of the food is amazing!

This place has become really popular in Kuwait because of the whole concept; you order a load of seafood, the waiter dumps it on your table and you dig in with your hands like a pack of hungry lions! So we ordered the ‘Dump-A-Sea-Feast’ which is the most popular dish on the menu. You get a mix of different seafood; Crab, Mussels, Clams, and Shrimp, and then it’s tossed in a sauce of your choice. This one is Mexicana, but I’ve also tried the Cajun which is my favourite.

It costs 13KD which is about £32 but it comes with loads of rice and two fish bowls of their special cocktails so I’d definitely say it’s worth it. Your food comes within 10 minutes and in a pretty big portion too. I’ve been to this place twice, once it was just me and a friend and we almost finished the lot, but the rice is so filling that we thought we’d explode if we carried on. The second time I went, there were three of us and we absolutely demolished the lot. You do get unlimited rice but the portions they serve are sufficient enough for three people, unless you’re famished of course! I think if there were anymore people eating with us though, there would’ve just been a fight for the fish. The quality of the food was really good, the Crab had a pretty decent amount of meat on it and the Mussels were so tasty, but the jumbo Prawns were by far my favourite.

If you’re going to visit this place, I’d personally suggest ordering the Cajun sauce, it’s got a sweet taste to it and isn’t spicy at all which is good for you guys that can’t take the heat! The Mexicana sauce was nice but I found it a bit sickening after a while, something about the taste just didn’t sit right with me. I’d also suggest ordering the Dumpa-Sea-Feast Royal, it’s about 5 bucks more than the standard Dumpa-Sea-Feast but you get jumbo shrimps instead which is definitely worth it.

Unfortunately, this restaurant is only in Kuwait, one branch is in Salmiya City Centre and the other’s in Kuwait City, but let’s hope they expand and open one in London some day because I’d 100% revisit when I’m back in England.

So to summarise guys, if you’re one of my lovely readers that live in Kuwait or plan to come here in the future, then get yourself over to Dampa Feast because I give them a 10/10. And if you’ve been here before, drop a comment below and let me know what you thought of the place!

Until next time,

Tinashe x