Au Revoir Kuwait

“Journeys May Come To An End, But Memories Last Forever”

My time in Kuwait is D O N E. I could actually cry!! I’ve loved every minute of this experience abroad and even though I’m so excited to go home, I’ve made such good friends here and created so many memories with them. So I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting to catch my flight back to the UK, and I started to reminisce on all of the things I got up to in Kuwait and it’s made me a little bit emotional!

This really has been the best year for me and yes, there were some ups and downs, but I can confidently say I’ve lived in the Middle East for practically a year and lived my best life!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

I remember in one of my first posts, I said that I was going to come back from Kuwait a lot more independent and mature, and I certainly have. Living so far away from home, fending for myself, getting up (on time) for work everyday, and relying solely on me, has really opened my eyes to what life as a responsible adult is actually like. My perspective on things have changed a lot in the last year, and I didn’t realise how much and how quickly I’ve grown as a person until I took a minute to reflect.

All I can say is, I am proud of myself. I did the one thing I never thought I’d be able to do at the age of 20, and I made the bloody most out of it!

Until next time,

Tinashe x