Tinashe Takes New York

“Blessed Are The Curious, For They Shall Have Adventures”

As if moving to Kuwait for a year wasn’t enough, I was soon desperate to get back on the plane to start my next adventure. This time Tinashe Takes New York!! Four months in the Big Apple to do what I do best, make memories, live life and spend money!!! I’m joking, I’m actually here to study but that doesn’t mean I won’t still be making memories and living life!

A week in and I can tell you now that I definitely prefer the weather in the Middle East compared to New York! -5ºC is not a nice temperature to be walking around in, but that didn’t stop me from exploring the city and capturing the best moments on camera (even if I did nearly get frost bite).

Coming to New York was nowhere near as stressful as it was when I moved to Kuwait. I think because I knew what to expect when moving to a different country, so this time I was mentally prepared. Also, I didn’t have to adapt to the culture like I did in Kuwait so this probably played a big part in the stress-free move. That being said, starting at a new college has not been as easy! Firstly, there’s three different campuses placed around Manhattan, so it takes ages to work out which building I’m in and how to get there. Secondly, classes here are not what I expected… I applied for a visual merchandising course thinking I’ll learn how to be a visual merchandiser, and it turns out to be some “sketch, create and visually present your design to entice the customer to buy” project. WTF! I CANNOT DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE!!! And thirdly, I literally can’t get used to the public transport here. Planning my morning commute to college gives me so much anxiety because the journeys seem to change everyday (I don’t even know how this is possible). So to sum up… Moving country = fun. Moving school = anxiety, stress, confusion.

Other than that, everyone here is really friendly. People walking down the street smile at you and chat to you on the subway, and just genuinely seem really happy. I’ve literally been here for 10 days and I’m already so in love with this city and the lifestyle. Once I’ve settled into college and know my way around, I know I’ll never want to leave! But anyways, I will keep you all posted on what I get up to…

Until next time,

Tinashe x