Life in the Big Apple

“The City That Never Sleeps”

New York really is the city that never sleeps, and I’ve barely been doing any sleeping either! I’ve been here for three months now and couldn’t even tell you where the time has gone. The first month was so stressful finding a place to live and settling into a new school at the same time, but once I got myself together I was soon loving life.

My time here has basically consisted of studying, drinking cocktails, and clubbing, and now that the weather’s warming up, I’ll soon be adding rooftop day parties to the schedule.

If you’re in New York, I’d definitely recommend going to Bath Tub Gin, it’s a hidden burlesque/jazz bar in Chelsea. I couldn’t take any photos or videos of the performers but trust me when I say it was really good. And you have to try out one of the brunch events on a Sunday too if you haven’t done so already. People here love a good brunch/day party so you can’t really stay in New York and not try it out. I have an ‘afro’ brunch tomorrow so I’ll do my best to get good photos and show you guys how the New Yorkers like to party!

Yours truly,

Tinashe x