Girls Night Out

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

You know when you’ve had such a long, stressful week and just desperately need to let off some steam? Yeah, well that was me last Thursday. These upcoming final exams are giving me anxiety so instead of revising, my smart ass thinks it’s a better idea to just go out and forget all about them!

Me and a few ladies went to some bar called The Jane Ballroom, but only lasted about 20 minutes in there. The place was really weird … I don’t know if it was particularly bad because it was a weekday, but we did not like the vibe one bit. So we left and walked over to PHD downtown, which is a rooftop lounge in Chelsea.

A little story … on our way to PHD we found a cute spot for a photoshoot (as you can tell from the series of pictures above), and these police officers walked up to me while I was in the middle of posing. I thought they were going to tell us to move or say something that would’ve annoyed us, but they actually asked to get in the picture with me which was surprising. I guess NYPD officers like to pose for the camera just as much as the rest of us do sometimes!

The night ended up being good fun though, we had a laugh and it definitely temporarily de-stressed me.
And I know all clubs/bars have their bad days sometimes, but I don’t think I’ll be going to Jane Ballroom again. Have any of you guys been before? I can’t have been the only one that thought the place was really strange!

Until next time

Tinashe x

Outfit: Bag and Heels – Zara | Skort – Ted Baker | Bodysuit – ISawItFirst