Afro Code Day Party

“Sunday’s Are For Partying!”

I said to y’all I’d do a post on that day party I went to last week, and here it is.
So Afro Code is an event that happens every Sunday at The Delancey Rooftop Lounge in Manhattan. The weather was literally perfect for it last week, the sun was shining, good vibes were in the air and everyone was having fun.

The music was poppin as soon as we arrived, the DJ played a mix of Afrobeats, Soca and Hip Hop, and everyone was loving it. The rooftop had more of a social vibe and then downstairs is where everyone was bussing a whine (👈🏽google it if you don’t know) and really partying.

Anyways, I had a really good day and pretty much stayed for the whole thing, so I was knackered by the time it ended! I went to another event similar to this one a few days ago and it was nowhere near as good as Afro Code, so I think I’ll be going back here again before I leave!

Where’s your favourite place to party on a Sunday?

Until next time,

Tinashe x

Outfit: Top – Bershka | Pants – Urban Outfitters | Sneakers – Nike