The Color Factory

“The Discovery, Serendipity and Generosity Of Color”

A fun, colorful, and interactive pop-up exhibition – the color factory is a pretty cool spot to visit. It costs nearly 40 bucks but it’s so worth it. You get snacks throughout the exhibition, you can spend as long as you want there, and you walk away with some great photos that they take of you during the whole experience.

The first room was called the Flower People. Artist James Rosa designed these geometric, playful flowers which was a great spot for a photo opportunity.

The next room was the Wall of Buttons where we stepped into a chamber of unconventional colors and picked our favourite hue to pin to our clothing.

We then had a go at our artistic skills and had to draw a portrait of our opposing partners – but without lifting the pencil from the paper. I didn’t take a picture of the final piece but let’s just say I ain’t no Van Gogh! The room next door was all about sounds and embracing our inner musicians.

This next room, Balloon Wishes, was my favourite. It was an open space of floating balloons but each one had a wish on it, written by a group of young students from 826NYC. They’re a non-profit organization who encourage the exploration of possibility through the power of writing. I loved the concept and was overly thrilled when I saw my ultimate favourite wish “for unicorns to be real” – Cassidy, you’re a little babe for writing this wish.

Next, we entered the Secret Colors room where we experienced a live action flow chart that determined our secret color. Mine was “strong independent lilac”.

Disco room next! We grooved to a bit of music, and went a little wild.

After tiring ourselves out with the dancing, we came across a room of spinning wheels, and I will never go on one of these things again!! Lying on your back while spinning round feels awful. The boomerang was funny though…

And last but not least, the grand finale! I got to be a massive kid again in the Into The Blue room, which was a giant sky blue ball pit. Slightly unhygienic, but hella fun!

Now the best part about the whole day was the little treats we got throughout the exhibition. We were greeted upon arrival with a bite size dessert that was filled with ice cream. There was a colourful conveyor belt of macaroons in the Flower People room, candy in the room where we drew each other’s portraits, fresh raspberry soda in the Disco Room, and ice cream in the Ball Pit room. Fun fact about the ice cream – the flavour and color is all natural. The blue tint comes from dried butterfly pea flowers!

Until next time,

Tinashe x

Outfit: Dress – Zara | Sneakers – Valentino